Never working at such a large company before, Elle C. stumbled on the Kimberly-Clark internship opportunity in Singapore on LinkedIn.

Elle, a Professional Communications major at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, had heard working in the corporate world was “supposed to be dodging knives in your back and whirlpools at your feet.”  However, from the moment she had her interview, her perspective changed. “I was impeccably drawn to how my manager explored ideas and encouraged discussions during my interview, and that was also one of the key factors influencing my decision to intern here!”


She admits, “– the hardest time I’ve had at Kimberly-Clark is having my throat run dry from saying thank you so much.”


Day-to-day, Elle says, “I get to build TikTok social media strategy from the ground up, an unexplored realm for the company that I have a hand in shaping and framing for brands and markets.”


As an intern who has taken ownership of her opportunity at Kimberly-Clark, Elle has presented to leaders and stakeholders addressing Kimberly-Clark’s brand and market concerns in ways that highlight and frame innovative strategies. “Given that regular internships do not provide opportunities of this scale and allow you to present to key leadership, I was expectedly nervous trying to approach this.” she said.


Describing herself as “always looking to make a positive change,” it’s no surprise that when given a chance to meet her team in person for a volunteer event, Elle jumped at the opportunity. Alongside her team, she volunteered at Lion’s Befrienders, a senior care facility whose mission is to provide friendship and care for seniors to age in a place that enables them to enjoy meaningful enriching lives. This experience quickly became an internship highlight.


“I had so much fun meeting the Kimberly-Clark team in real life and making a difference together. I met a bunch of elderly folks whom I had hearty conversations with.” A conversation with a resident struck Elle, “She shared how she was feeling after her son had passed but looked forward to receiving visits from us – hearing these stories made my heart ache but also made realize that corporate decisions and programs had a real potential, to make real impact on the lives of invisible marginalized populations in Singapore.”


“What’s most impressive is such a large organization pivoting so quickly to address community needs, and to deliver on health, safety, and sustainability goals – amid a full-blown pandemic.” Elle said. “It is extremely telling that the organization has deeply rooted values that they genuinely believe in and commit to make a difference towards.” Making a commitment to impact one billion people in underserved communities is incredibly inspiring to me, and I hope I can be a greater part of such incredible impact in the future!”


As her internship ends, Elle has found clarity in her future endeavors. “Kimberly-Clark allowed me to learn new things about myself and my future career aspirations that I truly value – like how I am inspired by new challenges and coming up with innovative solutions or strategies to tackle them, and how I would love to pursue a career in brand management or communication strategy.”

“As cliché as it is, I really love the culture and people here. Everyone is super approachable and willing to share their experiences, and the more people I speak to, the more I am thankful that I have had the opportunity to work here and be part of the Kimberly-Clark family.”