Inclusion, Equity & Diversity

What you do. Where you go. In every respect, success starts with you.

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For more than a century we’ve thrived as an organization by helping individuals thrive through the talents and energy that make them unique. We build teams that work well together by emphasizing the unique contributions of each employee. As we strive to provide Better Care for a Better World, we’re helping to develop better careers.

Inclusion Starts Here

To reach our ambitious business goals, we are committed to treating every individual with respect and compassion. You’ll experience this from your first day through your entire career with Kimberly-Clark. It is a caring culture that cares about how you succeed.

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Building a more inclusive workplace, It Starts with US.

What you can expect.

Being You Means We Can Be Us

Inclusion is much more than a thought or concept. It’s the culmination of daily interactions that makes us stronger, fuels our innovation and deeply connects us to each other and our consumers. You want to feel valued and respected, and we’re determined to operate in an inclusive and bias-free workplace. Here, you’ll attend regular Town Hall meetings where you can ask questions of executives and make your voice heard. Join us for global conversations about racism, bias, and other important topics. You have an opportunity to join one of our many Employee Resource Groups that foster professional development, social connectivity, and celebrate diversity throughout Kimberly-Clark. Explore these volunteer associations, which are open to all Kimberly-Clark employees.

Latin American Network for Diversity

LAND aims to build talent through personal and professional development while elevating awareness of Hispanic culture in our workplace.

Parents Interactive Network

PIN assists parents and guardians in their efforts to balance work-home life, enhance their careers, and add value to our business.

Network for LGBTQ+ Employees

PRIDE offers support to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) employees and contributes to education and training about GLBT issues.

Service Alliance Uniting Together

SALUTE harnesses the unique experiences of veterans and their passionate supporters by recruiting and retaining top veteran talent and giving back to our communities.

Women’s Inclusion Network

Achieve a gender parity workplace by championing and developing women’s talents so that Kimberly-Clark achieves its full potential.