Each day, Kimberly-Clark is committed to provide the best for consumers, customers and the communities where employees work and live, all while minimizing the impact of our planet. As Kimberly-Clark sets ambitions for a decisive decade, employees are empowered to create and activate on initiatives to help improve the lives and wellbeing of one billion people around the world, with the smallest environment footprint. 

Christopher F, Global Business Services Projects and Communications Coordinator for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia), is eager to fully support Kimberly-Clark’s ambitions. One of his first tasks, introducing Ecosia, a search engine that plants a tree every 45 clicks, and in return 45kg of CO2 is taken out of the atmosphere. This offers a green alternative for searching and browsing the internet. 
“It is important to understand that climate change is real, and that we just cannot wait for others to fix it. Ecosia is a powerful tool which empowers everyone to individually fight climate change, make the world a greener place and contribute to Kimberly-Clark’s overall sustainability strategies,” Christopher says. “Kimberly-Clark helps me actively to balance my existing tasks with this exciting sustainability initiative, something I am grateful for.” 

What started as an individual initiative has now become a sponsored Kimberly-Clark project. Kimberly-Clark employees in Poland, Malaysia and now France are beginning to use the tool on a regular basis. 
“In France, there was a lot of positive feedback. Some already knew of the search engine but didn’t think of using it at work, some completely discovered it. Overall, my colleagues are thankful for being introduced to the browser and happy to know they can contribute to a greener future when doing the simplest action of browsing the web,” says Claire, Category Manager for France.  
“I look forward to seeing more of my colleagues use Ecosia. We can easily change our existing behaviour towards a more sustainable and caring consciousness towards our planet.” says Christopher.

So far, Kimberly-Clark employees have financed/planted more than 100 trees in a little over a month. 

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