In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate careers, adaptability and innovation are paramount. Danny L.’s story is of resilience and commitment to excellence. Danny began his career with short-term contracts in accounting and bookkeeping, working in a nine-month contractual role of a Credit Controller at a leading consumer goods company in the UK. This eventually evolved into a 14-year career journey spanning banking, internal control, and financial accounting.


Danny, who joined Kimberly-Clark in 2009 in an accruals management accounting role, thrives on process improvement. He has faced critical challenges while outsourcing month end close activities and successfully assigned accruals management and treasury accounting tasks by focusing on winning consistently and keeping business customers at the forefront.


In his current role as a Project Manager, Danny leverages established methodologies. Yet, he enjoys the freedom to adapt when needed. Working away from the script is encouraged, and I am supported by those around me to be agile and adapt to the need of the deliverables in hand,” he adds.


He applies Kimberly-Clark’s value of moving fast in his daily work to yield a higher success rate and ensure consistent wins but ensures to assess risks and be smart when planning to move forward.


Danny’s philosophy centers on team development. He states that as a group, they recognize the wide range of attributes each member has, and they are all as vital as each member of the team. Further, he mentions that Kimberly-Clark’s work environment allows each team member to express their thoughts, feelings, and approaches. We do not accept the standard. We bring our knowledge of the current state and embrace the future state, questioning the ‘norm’ and ensuring we cover all viewpoints.”


If you love working with a caring team that makes you feel valued and appreciated, Danny advises exploring opportunities within Kimberly-Clark. “There is a caring approach applied by all, from entry level to senior leadership. Working alongside such fantastic people makes work life enjoyable and easier.