At Kimberly-Clark, we believe in empowering our employees to grow and develop their careers. Nelson H.S. is an Electronic Technician and a testament to this belief. Nelson worked at Kimberly-Clark Brazil from 2010 until 2011, when he chose to leave in order to develop his knowledge. However, he still embraced the care at Kimberly-Clark as he states: “Kimberly-Clark takes care of its employees and treats them with respect, something I hadn't known a company like that to do at the time”.   
In 2021, Nelson was given the opportunity to return to Kimberly-Clark, and he eagerly took it to continue developing his career. This time, he decided to stay and his dedication to our products is evident daily. As Nelson says, "My children use our products, so I do the activities thinking as if our products were for my children." 
Nelson's day-to-day work involves supporting production operations to identify the cause of the failure, whether it is operational adjustments or equipment failure or electronic adjustments. He also performs corrective and preventive maintenance and opens notes for preventive maintenance opportunities. 
From the start, Nelson worked for corrective and preventive maintenance, and then he worked on the Potential of Hydorgen machines. Now he has the opportunity to grow his career in the reliability area, and he hopes to do a great job to improve the rates and performance of the machines. In the event of failures, Nelson tries to think about whether the installation or method applied is correct, whether there is an opportunity to improve conditions, and develop tools to facilitate the activity. He brings change and innovation to the company. 
Looking to the future, Nelson plans to continue to develop and be a collaborator who is recognized as a reliable problem-solver. When asked what he would tell his friends and family if they were thinking of working at Kimberly-Clark, Nelson said, "I'd say it's a very good company, that I'm happy to work here. It gives me the security to do a good job, and it respects and develops its employees." 
Nelson's story is a testament to the opportunities for growth and purpose at Kimberly-Clark. Join our team today and find purpose in what you do!