Eder Ramón D.A. started as a production assistant at Kimberly-Clark in 2008 and he has since been promoted several times, eventually becoming a Production Technician Responsible for Machines in 2020 at our Brazil location.   
Eder graduated as an Electronic Technician and Production Engineer, being awarded a scholarship by Kimberly-Clark with the Graduation Incentive Program. He now leads people and makes sure everyone does each activity correctly, placing safety as everyone’s first priority.  
In order to embody Kimberly-Clark's purpose of "Better Care for a Better World" in his daily life, Eder adopts a habit of empathizing with others before making judgments. He actively listens to others, as it is important to recognize that it could be a serious and important matter for the person speaking. By consistently putting himself in someone else's shoes, Eder is able to better understand the perspective of his customers, which in turn makes him more attentive and meticulous in ensuring the quality of their products. 
Eder has grown in his experience at Kimberly-Clark, both personally and professionally. “The growth came in the day-to-day way of leading where I had to be mature and professional to lead my team. I matured as a professional and as a person, and every day I learn and grow even more in the company” he states. His future plans at Kimberly-Clark include becoming an Engineer, Coordinator, or Manager. 
To friends and family thinking of working at Kimberly-Clark, Eder states, “Kimberly-Clark is a serious company that offers many opportunities to its employees and has an excellent career plan for those who want to develop and grow within the company.”