Our Kimberly-Clark team members share 11 reasons why we’re one of the Forbes World’s Best Employers in 2023. Check out the full list here: Forbes World’s Best Employers in 2023. 

1. Care is at the heart of what we do – we care for our people, our planet and our communities – we contribute to delivering Better Care for a Better World. By being a part of this community, you’ll drive this purpose and improve the lives of billions of people around the world.  

2. Over the years, we have been creating ground-breaking iconic brands such as Huggies®, Cottonelle®, Scott®, Kleenex®, Kotex®, Poise® and many more, that are trusted for their quality.  

3. The motivation behind developing such widely recognized products is our responsibility and accountability towards the future of our planet and its people. That’s why we emphasize on making sustainable products and processes.  

4. At Kimberly-Clark, how we operate as colleagues and with our consumers and customers is as important as what products we make. When you join us, you will experience a genuinely caring culture inclusive of trust, collaboration and mutual respect that you have to experience to believe.  

5. We put safety, mutual respect and human dignity at the center of what we do. When you join our team, you’ll be responsible to engage in community commitments to help us deliver good health and an enhanced lifestyle globally

6. At the core of our culture stands inclusion, equity and diversity. Here, we embrace you for who you are, so we can achieve our full potential, together. For us, inclusion is not just a concept but also daily interactions that fuel our innovation and help us deeply connect with each other.  

7. You can create exciting opportunities to shape and progress your career. You will gain exposure to volunteering opportunities, networking groups and mentoring programs to grow your knowledge and build new skills. 

8. We love to learn from each other and grow every day with the support of a world-class team. Your unique personal background and the professional expertise will help us in ideating, innovating and better decision-making.  

9. From the first day through your entire career at Kimberly-Clark, you will get abound opportunities for education and upskilling. You can join in an online or offline educational course, learn a new language, develop leadership and management skills, pick up a new technical or interpersonal skill or build the existing ones all at one place.  

10. Being a global company, here you will find a wide variety of projects involving collaboration including cross-border assignments, projects between multiple career areas within the company and special short-term endeavors that gives you the chance to work with Kimberly-Clark employees from every corner of the world.  

11. When you start working with us, you become a part of a team that’s committed to driving innovation, growth and market leadership. You take up change initiatives, help us learn, and build and share best practices


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