Experienced web engineer Amy T. feels this is a welcoming place even though she has always worked remotely. 

“I think Kimberly-Clark is doing its best to create an open and inclusive environment,” she observes. “The company has made efforts to ensure there is representation through hiring strategies, trainings, employee surveys and the employee resource groups (ERGs) that people can join.”

Indeed, we started our first ERG to support employees back in 1985 and currently offer 10, including collectives for women, African Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ+ staffers, parents and new employees to name a few.

“I joined Kimberly-Clark in 2020 and have had the pleasure of working with a phenomenal team since,” she says. Amy is the platform product and engineering manager for Kimberly-Clark Professional’s global websites.

Kimberly-Clark Professional serves commercial customers such as offices and clean rooms with bath tissue, cleaning wipes, N95 respirators and other essential supplies. lts brands include Kleenex®, Scott®, WypAll®, Kleenguard® and Kimtech™.

In her leadership role, Amy is a proactive part of the company’s inclusion, equity, and diversity strategy.

“I hope to build a diverse team with better representation, especially with women in tech and leadership,” she says.

Amy manages the team that maintains and updates kcprofessional.com websites in multiple languages for dozens of nations across the globe.

“We ensure engineering work is done both correctly and quickly, and we keep in mind who is using what we create,” she says.

To do the best job she can, Amy purposely follows our Ways of Working— Move Fast, Play to Win, Focus on Consumers and Grow Our People.

“I try to ensure the work we’re focusing on always has some component of our ways of working,” Amy says. “We also ensure that the team has time during each sprint to reflect on how we can grow as a team.”

She personally experienced our team’s foundational culture of caring when she gained the title, Mom. 

“I’ve seen my leaders, team and peers step in to assist and ensure things kept moving smoothly while I was away,” she reflects. “I’ve also seen this happen across teams, where our leaders put people first. That care is something that I strive to ensure my team knows they can rely on from me as well.”

“It means taking care of people who are sometimes at their most vulnerable,” Amy affirms. “Kimberly-Clark makes products that impact the daily lives of millions, from personal care products to hospital supplies. This gives us a unique opportunity to make a real difference. Working on Kimberly-Clark Professional websites, I am always reminded of how important these products are to the world, especially as we create N95 masks and personal protective equipment to prevent the spread of disease.”

Her advice for people interested in joining our team? Apply!

“Kimberly-Clark is a place where you can be proud to work, and it provides opportunities for growth,” Amy says. “If anyone joining takes our purpose and culture compass to heart, their career will be richer for it.”