Kimberly-Clark’s essential products are produced all around the world by highly specialized machines, some of which span the size of a football field.

Adam, a computer numerical control (CNC) machinist at Kimtech, which designs and builds the manufacturing equipment that produces Kleenex®, Scott®, Huggies® and other global Kimberly-Clark brands, plays a key role in keeping equipment running 24/7. His lighthearted personality and welcomeness, plays a role in making this task look easy.

His team in Neenah, Wis., USA,  manufactures parts and replacement parts for those machines. Adam came to Kimtech after serving in the U.S. Army in field artillery and satellite communications, working in mills and earning an associate degree in CNC machining.

“I moved back to Neenah and applied to Kimtech via a referral from a family member,” he explains. “I’ve been here for nearly five years, and I’ve never been happier in a career.”

“I haven’t found a place where I’ve enjoyed working as much as this,” Adam  affirms. “Everyone gets along and takes care of each other. It feels like a close group of friends or a family.”

Every so often, the people on his shift coordinate a “potluck” meal to share where everyone contributes something to the shared meal during their break time, he points out. He also socializes with some of his colleagues outside of work.

In addition to the camaraderie, Adam appreciates the consideration management has shown to staff.

“When home life throws a curve, I’ve been given the ability to flex my schedule without negative consequences,” he says. “Any issues outside of work are addressed with a sense of understanding and a willingness to work with you to help get through them as quickly and safely as possible.”

He likes that he’s been able to train on a variety of equipment at the facility too, where safety is always the top priority.

“Machinists tend to have a desire for perfection,” Adam reflects. “We try to make the best quality product that we can, and I feel that fits in well with Kimberly-Clark’s values and its (purpose) of Better Care for a Better World.”

He’s also had the opportunity to learn new techniques, such as CNC programming and several types of machining.

We try to better ourselves with more knowledge and to broaden our skillsets,” Adam points out. “Sometimes the task at hand seems impossible, but we get it done and keep everything running.”