Abdullah’s welcome personality allows himself to be exactly who he is and help others relax too with his easy-going nature. He’s a huge advocate for inclusion and diversity, and good at making people feel welcome.

“Growing up I was always in the minority. As I got older, I realized that being a minority was important.”

Abdullah quickly learned that his diversity didn’t hinder his relationship with others, rather, opened possibilities for connection. 

“I bring ideas and examples from my background and experiences that not many people have shared. I share examples of what I have experienced and currently experience to educate my coworkers.” 

In a recent office chat, a few co-workers were talking about their New Year's Resolutions. “A few of my co-workers were interested in a dry January for health benefits. In previous conversations, I had mentioned as a Muslim, I don’t drink. This led to them asking for suggestions on Mocktails – and I had plenty to share.” 

“I’ve had multiple discussions with my team about what diversity means and how I’m personally affected by it, but also what we’re doing at Kimberly-Clark” notes Abdullah. “At the beginning of each monthly meeting, our Baby and Child Care Team (home to our Huggies® and Pull Up® brands) talks about inclusion and diversity. We discuss major holidays that are being celebrated and ways our team can make an impact so people from all backgrounds have access to our products.”

Abdullah has been particularly impressed by the company’s embrace of inclusion, equity and diversity. 

“The experiences I’ve had in just a matter of months have shown that Kimberly-Clark cares for its employees and is always looking to develop and grow,” he says.“This was a great change of pace for me as my previous employer put up posters and treated inclusion, equity and diversity as an obligation. Here at Kimberly-Clark, it is a priority. That means a lot.”