One of our very own engineers, Thomas T., just completed ten years with us, and we sat down with him to dive into his experiences and accomplishments at Kimberly-Clark. Read on to explore how Thomas started with us and how he embodies Kimberly-Clark's values in his daily activities.  

How did you get to where you are today?  
I joined Kimberly-Clark in 2013 as a contractor after completing my Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belgaum, India. In the initial phase, I played a pivotal role in coordinating the implementation of SAP for their Middle East business. After eight months of working as a contractor, I transitioned to a full-time role of an Information Technology Infrastructure Specialist and a backup SAP Security Coordinator. Over the years, I have held various positions, including IT Infrastructure Coordination Delivery Lead and IT Infrastructure Project Coordinator before landing my current role as a Digital Workplace Solution Engineer. I have overseen global IT solution projects, provided operational excellence, and managed IT infrastructure in our manufacturing environments, gaining expertise in vendor sourcing, budget preparation and REFM Projects.  

Tell us about your biggest accomplishment and how Kimberly-Clark’s values assist in your success?  
One of my significant achievements has been leading the successful implementation of the Global Digital Technology Center of Excellence (GDTC) at Kimberly-Clark, which involved setting up a technology center from ground up and significantly improved our global IT capabilities and support functions. 
I also played a key role in implementing MAC and Mobile Device Management (MDM) using JAMF and Intune, enhancing our cybersecurity and user experiences.  
These projects required careful planning and coordination across various teams and offices. Our team has a bias for action and doing what’s right for our people. So, we made sure that we stick to the company's commitment to advancing technology and delivering quality solutions to consumers. We also encouraged collaboration through shared ideas and opinions that fueled innovative ideas required for these projects' success.  

In what ways do you experience freedom and flexibility in your role?  
I highly appreciate the freedom and flexibility I enjoy in my work at Kimberly-Clark. The freedom at work allows me to explore new areas and contribute beyond the confines of my role, providing opportunities for personal growth and learning new processes. On the other hand, the flexibility supports me maintain a work-life balance, which in turn increases my efficiency in staying agile and delivering tailored IT solutions to meet evolving needs of the technology and business landscape.  

How do you encompass our ways of working in your day-to-day activities? 
Embracing Kimberly-Clark's ways of working is second nature to me. “Play-to-win” and “moving fast” are not slogans, these are parts of a mindset that I have adapted over the years. These motivate me to push forward and continuously lookout for innovative approaches to stay at the top of my game. 
Furthermore, I ensure that our consumers, their experiences, and satisfaction are central to the solutions I design and implement. Along with that, I take pride in actively supporting the development of my team and colleagues. It is not only about their growth but also about fostering their expertise, making our collective journey more rewarding. 

What is the impact you are making at Kimberly-Clark? 
I have unwavering commitment to the 'Think Customer' philosophy. Adopting a “customers first” approach and continually improving the user experience has improved operational efficiency and streamlined interactions for our users. 

How do you think the organization supports employee growth & development? 
Kimberly-Clark is deeply committed to growing and nurturing its people. They prioritize this by offering a wide array of learning and career advancement opportunities. Through comprehensive training and development programs, employees can sharpen their skills and broaden their knowledge.  
What truly sets Kimberly-Clark apart is its dedication to mentorship and feedback. Employees receive guidance and constructive input that not only aids in their career progression but also enhances their overall well-being. 
In addition, the company actively encourages its employees to step out of their comfort zones and take on new challenges. The supportive work environment motivates employees to expand their skill set and capabilities.  

What advice would you give others looking to work at Kimberly-Clark? 
My sincere advice to individuals considering a career at Kimberly-Clark is to wholeheartedly embrace our organization's values and vibrant culture. It’s a place where dedication, innovation, and excellence are not just recognized, but also rewarded. Stay authentic and let your skills and ability contribute to our collective success. 
Always keep an open mind, be eager in embracing growth opportunities. Approach challenges with enthusiasm and creativity, as they are the steppingstones to personal and professional development. Most importantly, keep the needs of our consumers at the heart of everything you do. 
Kimberly-Clark’s nurturing environment will surely create a lasting impact on your career trajectory. Here, you will find ample room for personal and professional growth, making it a truly fruitful journey.