Meet Gilberto M., a Project Delivery Manager here at Kimberly-Clark. He joined our company in 2012 as a senior engineer with the Kimberly-Clark Brazil project team. Over the years, Gilberto has held various roles within the company, including managing projects related to real estate, leases, buying and selling land, and office refurbishments. 
Gilberto's day-to-day work involves managing projects that support the core of the business. He works with different internal clients within Kimberly-Clark, each with different cultural perspectives, which means that similar projects require different solutions. Gilberto ensures that each project is executed with as little impact as possible on the sequence of operations and brings results. 
As a part of the Kimberly-Clark team, Gilberto lives out the company's purpose of Better Care for a Better World in his daily life. He ensures that the result of each project brings a feeling that everything was thought of for the end customer, for the user of the project delivery, and that this feeling contributes to better performance from the employee. Gilberto believes that the "piece of a better world" where he works makes him want to offer a bit of a "better world" in the deliveries he has. 
Gilberto's career at Kimberly-Clark has been full of growth and learning opportunities. He says, “I have experienced exposure to cross-functional project teams beyond civil construction, giving me experience of other different technical approaches to engineering and operations: dealings with teams outside Brazil; exposure to English and Spanish; work trips outside Brazil for projects and team meetings. Leading projects in other countries is always a challenge full of cultural learning.”  
When asked what he would tell his friends and family if they were thinking of working at Kimberly-Clark, Gilberto said, "Like any other company, it has its challenges, but there are prospects for development, opportunities, and purpose in what you do, giving more meaning to what you do."  
Gilberto's story is a testament to the opportunities for growth and purpose at Kimberly-Clark. Join our team today and find purpose in what you do!