In less than nine months at Kimberly-Clark, Aksheta S. reached an important conclusion: she wants to build her career here. 

“Kimberly-Clark broke the ‘corporate’ stereotype for me,” says the digital marketing professional. “It’s a positive environment, and the training and onboarding process is super helpful. I would love to stay here long term.”

Aksheta is a content syndication specialist for e-commerce across multiple e-tailer sites, including Amazon and Costco. Her group works to create consistent, best-in-class content so consumers always have a great experience when shopping for Kimberly-Clark products like Kleenex®, Huggies®, and Cottonelle®  on any website, from Amazon to Walmart.

Selling online is a constantly evolving business where our Kimberly-Clark, “Move Fast” way of working is a given. Her colleagues’ abilities and team spirit have impressed her since day one. Aksheta fits right in. Her positive and warm personality echoes our caring culture.

“There are a lot of roadblocks we may experience in e-commerce, but everyone I’ve worked with is super knowledgeable and helpful, especially in a space that is quickly changing all the time,” Aksheta says. “They are all so smart and great people to work with. If you ever have questions or need help, someone will always make the time to do that.” 

She’s also grateful that her manager is proactively guiding her in owning her career.

“This is the first role I’ve had where I need to think about career development and not just my day-to-day responsibilities, and my manager has helped me every step of the way,” Aksheta points out. “She even helped me find a mentor to help me further develop the skills I want to focus on.”

Her biggest accomplishment so far has been to streamline certain processes.

“Kimberly-Clark allowed me to learn my roles and responsibilities at a comfortable pace, which then enabled me to identify where we could improve,” she says. “We switched a few processes for Amazon that were manual in the past, and I worked cross-functionally with different teams to make it happen.”

Our commitment to drive innovation and our foundational culture of caring made her feel comfortable enough to share her suggestions, she points out. Furthermore, Aksheta feels a sense of freedom and flexibility to learn about new areas that interest her.

“As long as you’re getting your work done, you even have opportunities to take on mini projects for roles you want to learn more about,” she enthuses.

Kimberly-Clark’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion resonates deeply with her.

“One of the things that drew me to Kimberly-Clark was that the information about diversity and various programs was sent to me before I could even ask about it during the interview process,” Aksheta notes. “A lot of companies have talking points about diversity, equity and inclusion, but here there are so many different employee resource groups that make sure everyone feels welcome.”

She embraces our purpose of Better Care for a Better World and is excited to be a part of working hard to make its products more sustainable for the health of the planet and its people.

“A company with a positive purpose is something I’ve been looking for since I graduated,” says Aksheta, who earned her bachelor’s degree in 2018.  “I feel motivated to get up every day and be a small part of a positive change in the world.”