We sat down with an 18-year veteran of Kimberly-Clark, Chandler B., to learn more about his story. We were touched by him and think you will be too. He’s an Army veteran and a Product System Safety Coordinator for Kimberly-Clark Professional at our Mobile, AL (U.S.A.) manufacturing facility. 

Chandler shared with us that he was raised with a strong work ethic and worked through high school. He wanted to be a chemical engineer and went to college to pursue his dream. However, tragedy struck in his freshman year of college when his father passed away in a car accident. Despite having no plans to join the military, Chandler left college and enlisted.

He served in the United States military for four years as part of the 82nd Airborne Division stationed out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina. “I am a disabled veteran. Once I completed my four years, I chose not to continue my military career because of suffering from migraines and other injuries sustained from my service,” he said. 

After leaving the military, Chandler was eager to get back to work and applied to numerous jobs. Not unlike many military veterans, he struggled to translate his military experience in the civilian workforce. He sought help from friends working in the consumer goods industry and secured his first industry role in 1995.

While gaining new experiences and skills, Chandler got married in 2004 and with increasing family responsibilities, he sought to join Kimberly-Clark in 2006, interviewed and became part of the team. 

Chandler has become a champion of our values and of our most important priority, safety. He says the experience of working at Kimberly-Clark taught him to lead by example.  “If you be the right example and continue to do what's right, others will follow,” Chandler explains.

He says he was moved by Kimberly-Clark’s purpose of creating Better Care for a Better World. He feels it means much more than caring about employees in the workplace, it’s also about how they are doing personally. “I was out sick in the beginning of 2024, and I got calls from managers and teammates expressing their concern and making sure I knew they are there to help with anything I need,” Chandler says.

Being in his current role is an accomplishment that Chandler feels proud of. He shares that this role gives him the freedom to help others and develop his own skills and career. When asked what he would share with someone considering joining the Kimberly-Clark team or someone who has recently joined, he said, “Be open to change.” He further adds that newcomers willing to learn should show their interest in growth to get the training they need to excel in their careers. 

“The sky is the limit! You must control your own destiny.” Chandler shares this thought each time he leads an orientation session. He firmly believes new team members are watching, and we all have a part to play by helping them find their purpose and encouraging them to make use of their skills to see how far they can reach. “So come in if you’re willing to and apply,” Chandler advises.