Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) Day holds significant meaning for team members at Kimberly-Clark, inspiring reflection, positive change and a commitment to equality. Four leaders of Kimberly-Clark's African Ancestry Employee Network (AAEN) employee resource group share their thoughts on MLK Day and its impact on fostering inclusion in the workplace and our communities.  
Christine Marcus J., Strategy & Innovation Brand Manager: Reflecting on Progress 
"MLK day is a time to stop and reflect on the progress toward the dream that Dr. King had – true racial equity. It’s a time to acknowledge how far we have come, and the work required to close the gaps we still see. This day aligns seamlessly with Kimberly-Clark's purpose of providing Better Care for a Better World, echoing Dr. King's dream of a better, more inclusive world." 
Christine plans to celebrate the day with the Chicago-based AAEN team, visiting the Chicago History Museum to learn more about Dr. King’s legacy and impact. “We will aim to anchor our brands in the local community, and we will  bring our families as well so that the next generation is educated about Black history and how to carry on Dr. King’s legacy.” 
Lavell W., Digital Transformation Project Liaison at Beech Island, SC: Inspiring Positive Change 
"MLK Day is a reminder for me to reflect on my impact and emulate MLK's commitment to defending what is right, loving and caring for one another and being of service to your community. I believe if we strive to be ofservice no matter where we are, we can satisfy his legacy."  
Lavell, who has led STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) experiments for elementary and middle school students at his local Family YMCA, will be partnering with this group again to plan initiatives that positively impact children and adults in his community.  
Valerie J., Senior Consumer Healthcare Marketing Manager: Hope for a Better Future 
"MLK Day is a celebration of Dr. King's dream for freedom from discrimination and equality for all people. It is a holiday that gives us hope for future generations. I will use this day to celebrate, reflect and ideate upon the work that I do as a marketer to build brand equity through programs that foster maternal health, birth equity and respectful equitable care for all moms and families for the communities that we serve." 
Aziree P., Kimberly-Clark Professional Customer Communications Manager: A Voice for Equality 
"Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was both an influential leader and communicator whose words held so much power and positivity, leading some of our largest movements in history resulting in lasting change. As a communicator, that is definitely inspiring. His commitment to being the voice of equality and change for his community is an unwavering example of fearlessness, commitment and dedication to doing what’s right, which mirrors Kimberly-Clark's purpose and values." 


Aziree will be attending an event called Truth on the Rocks hosted by the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in partnership with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater based in Atlanta, Georgia, with other AAEN members. Honoring the legacy of civil rights, it will be an evening of informative discussion, an unveiling of the center’s new 2024 MLK Collection featuring significant artifacts from Dr. King’s life and a celebration of Black joy through dance. 
The voices of Christine, Lavell, Valerie and Aziree echo the importance of fostering inclusion, equity, and diversity within Kimberly-Clark and exemplify the ongoing efforts to carry forward Dr. King's legacy. As we commemorate MLK Day, their stories serve as a testament to the enduring impact of a dream that continues to shape the path toward a better, more inclusive world.