Shermika D., Global OneAAEN Chair (Kimberly-Clark’s Employee Resource Group dedicated to ensuring talent of African ancestry are recognized, celebrated, and build personal and professional development skills) describes Black History Month programming, which focused on Black Joy. Shermika states, “Black Joy is a theme that resonates. Created by our Black History Month Chairs, Amanda S. and Valerie J., Black Joy is an act of resistance and signifies our resilience as a people to be joyful in spite of.”  

Shermika’s team planned six engaging events to honor the changemakers at Kimberly-Clark and beyond. “In a world where we often see images of black trauma, we chose to celebrate black joy because that is the very essence of us as a people. Long before the Middle Passage we reigned as Queens and Kings, and we still are.” 

During the month, the OneAAEN Leadership team hosted events that focused on their pillars that align with Kimberly-Clark’s purpose to deliver Better Care for a Better World through our values: We Care. We Own. We Act.  

OneAAEN opened Black History Month with a fireside chat with its Executive Sponsors, Robert Long and Hakim Savoy who relayed the importance of staying joyful in all circumstances, following one’s purpose, upskilling to increase career marketability, and being mindful of how one circulates their dollars inside and outside of their community. 
OneAAEN and Capabilities First partnered for a signature event discussing disabilities and illustrated how Kimberly-Clark can utilize its position as a global manufacturer to ensure inclusivity in marketing. Attendees were encouraged to build a more inclusive culture inside and outside of Kimberly-Clark.  

Black History Month ended with a powerful dialogue on Black consumers, showcasing Kimberly-Clark’s success in this area with Cottonelle®, Poise®, and Huggies®, and discussion on OneAAEN’s continued focus on Black maternal mortality.  

As Black History Month comes to a close, Kimberly-Clark and OneAAEN continues to ensure that Black history is celebrated, remembered and respected year-round.