Katerina S. is a Senior Manager at Kimberly-Clark, leading an EMEA team of 30 individuals based in Kraków, Poland. With over a decade of experience in the industry, Katerina has held various roles in auditing, finance controlling, global process architecture, and SAP implementation. 
Katerina shares that her most significant achievement at Kimberly-Clark has been building and leading her exceptional team. The corporate culture plays a pivotal role in her success. By applying the insights and knowledge gained from senior leaders. She has fostered an innovative environment. 
Katerina and her team value the flexibility that Kimberly-Clark provides. She says it allows her to tailor her work hours to the demands of the day and be a supportive manager. “Our culture embraces this flexibility, making it natural for our team to manage appointments and personal needs without any hesitation” Katerina says.  
In their daily operations, speed is essential. Katerina says they respond to operational issues promptly, “Playing to Win is in our team DNA, simplifying processes to provide top-notch service. Consumer focus is a guiding principle; after all, without consumers, there is no business.” 
When asked how they best support each other, Katerina says “We're always there for one another, especially during challenging times, offering assistance. We operate as a cohesive unit, never in silo and never in silence”. Their team stays connected through an online chat, where they share GIFs, celebrate recognitions, anniversaries, birthdays, and even crack a few jokes. 
From Katerina´s perspective, Kimberly-Clark's strength lies in its global diversity working side by side in the same office, representing 15 different countries, and speaking 17 languages. “We bridge generational gaps, from Boomers to Gen Z, and have a wide range of hobbies, from playing music to sports,” she states. 
To Katerina, our purpose of Better Care for a Better World extends beyond their team and products, reflecting their commitment to making a positive impact in the world and humanity. This philosophy carries into both her professional and personal life, as she strives to contribute to a better world out of genuine interest and a heartfelt desire for improvement. 
Katerina hopes to serve as an example and leader for her team, demonstrating fearlessness in the face of challenges. She aims to provide their executives with the most accurate and timely information possible, striving for accountability and speed in decision-making. 
Katerina's advice to those looking to work at Kimberly-Clark is simple: “Be brave and apply! Job descriptions can sometimes appear intimidating, but you'll be pleasantly surprised by our company culture. We have a diverse and friendly community, and while we may be different from other companies, it's in a good way. I genuinely believe in the warmth and flexibility of our culture, and I hope that prospective employees will experience the same.”