We engaged in a conversation with Adrienne W., Research Technical Leader-Materials at Kimberly-Clark in Roswell, GA, USA to learn about her career journey.  

Adrienne, who currently works in the Global Consumer Insights and Global Portfolio Integration team, has a wealth of experience and knowledge from her 25-year tenure with us. She feels that she was destined to work at Kimberly-Clark. Years ago, when Adrienne was working for another consumer goods company, her friends told her about Kimberly-Clark’s inclusion initiatives and employee resource group African Ancestry Employee Network (AAEN), which she found to be impressive.  

Adrienne left the company during a downsizing and interviewed for another in Augusta. Although she failed to secure the position, the HR manager of that company referred her to Kimberly-Clark’s Maumelle facility Plant Manager. Two years later, Adrienne received a call from Kimberly-Clark and decided to pursue a process engineer opportunity. 

Four years later, she relocated to Roswell after being promoted as the Process Lead in the global non-wovens (GNW) category in Flint, United Kingdom. Since joining GNW, Adrienne has held various roles from life cycle maximization, customer solutions, development to commercialization. 

Adrienne shares her role supports other GNW teams in delivery and execution of global innovation management framework projects, and she incorporates Kimberly-Clark’s ways of working to achieve that. “GNW is an agile group that supports all of Kimberly-Clark’s business. I help our teams to move fast and make smart decisions based on the data and information at hand. I do that in part by mentoring, coaching, and coming along side if needed to deliver flawless project execution”, she elaborates. 

She knows first-hand the kind of impact you can make at Kimberly-Clark. She played a significant role in commercializing assets and materials across several regions worldwide. Recently, she successfully commercialized four materials that resulted in over sixteen million dollars in external cost savings for the company.  

Adrienne incorporates Kimberly-Clark's values into her work every day. As a project leader, she takes responsibility for both successes and failures. When things don't go as planned, she works closely with her team to get the program back on track. She communicates honestly and openly with her customers and stakeholders, providing clear expectations, success criteria, and timelines. 

When asked about what Kimberly-Clark’s purpose of creating Better Care for a Better World personally means to her, Adrienne mentions that it means the company values her personal safety and growth. This empowers her to bring her authentic self to work. “As a company, we strive to do no harm to our employees or the communities we serve,” she says. 

Adrienne believes Kimberly-Clark provides numerous opportunities and many ways to explore them. “Kimberly-Clark is a wonderful place to work and learn. Our company values its people and develops them. You are not pigeonholed into one thing. You have an opportunity to come into the organization in one role but can explore other roles within the organization that may be in a different area,” she says. 

If you are willing to enable better care for the world through your work like Adrienne, explore the world of opportunities at Kimberly-Clark. It Starts with YOU!