Meet Priya E., who came to Kimberly-Clark Professional in 2019 as an MBA intern marketing food-service wipes, and was soon hired onto the team as an associate brand manager, and was happy to take on the challenge.

“I saw our culture come to life and noticed how community-driven the people are,” she says. “I want to contribute to a culture where people want to work with each other and feel inspired. I know that motivates me, and if we’re all on the same team, we can all feel supported and win together.”

A business dynamo with exceptional people skills, Priya was thrilled to be promoted to senior associate brand manager for Scott® bath tissue in January 2022. She loves working on the brand that was the first to put toilet tissue on a roll and is eager to help it excel and grow.

She’s already leading a redesign of the bath tissue presentation on shelves and online. “We have so much talent across the organization and, on my Scott team, I truly see everyone want to grow the business together,” Priya enthuses.

Ever since she joined, Priya has been in tune with Kimberly-Clark’s Play-to-Win mindset. In fact, she has made significant contributions in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service and supply chain. “I love working with different departments all across the organization and cross-functionally,” Priya says. 

Priya’s willingness to go above and beyond earned her a Peer2Peer Award from the Kimberly-Clark Professional® sales organization. “I feel like I’m always learning and wanting to win with integrity.”

At the time she was honored, Priya was the Associate Brand Manager for industrial gloves and eyewear, which were in high demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “I learned a lot, and we definitely went through challenges to support our customers during times when it was difficult to supply them with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE),” she recalls. “Building trust and having a winning mentality were crucial in navigating the challenges we faced.”

With teamwork at the core of her philosophy, Priya feels right at home with Kimberly-Clark’s core values of inclusivity and equity. “There’s an importance placed on diversity of thought, and even as an intern, I felt like my team members wanted to know what new ideas I could bring to the table,” she said. “Creative thinking is encouraged, and feedback is valued, which I think creates an inclusive environment.”

Priya credits the management for consistently helping her nurture her career, and she wants to pay it forward by attracting new talent and supporting new hires build their career at Kimberly-Clark. She has already helped lead the MBA Internship Program at Kimberly-Clark Professional and co-managed an MBA intern. “I want to support new hires coming out of school and help them have as great of an experience as I had coming out of my MBA program,” Priya affirms. “I want to continue to give back and help attract new talent.”

If you are interested in joining Kimberly-Clark and helping to create Better Care for a Better World, Priya suggests you reach out and network across the organization as you apply for open positions.