Kimberly “Kim” T. has been working with Kimberly-Clark for over a decade and since then has held four different roles, each providing her with opportunities to try something new and learn a different aspect of the business.

Kim, who holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, started at Kimberly-Clark in 2010 as an intern in cosmetics formulation in Neenah, Wisconsin. She currently serves as senior regulatory affairs product manager supporting tampons and pessaries, which help prevent bladder leakage. Along the way, Kim helped develop flushable wipes, Class II medical devices, pesticides and consumer products.

“I’ve been fortunate to work for amazing leaders who have provided coaching and mentoring and opportunities that have allowed me to grow as an employee while recognizing my home life and commitments outside of work,” Kim says.

She loves the challenge of supporting highly regulated products. She works on breaking down barriers to market access and identifying spaces for innovation that fit within regulatory specifications.

Kim is proud that her role supports period and incontinence products, which aid the health and wellbeing of millions of people at various life stages.

She mentions that her greatest accomplishment was contributing to the Cottonelle® Good Down There campaign in partnership with BLKHLTH, a program to provide colorectal education, screenings and product samples to underserved Black communities.

Kimberly-Clark has been a great place to work over the last 12 years,” Kim reflects. “The fundamental caring culture at the organization, the meaningful, fulfilling work and the amazing people are the reasons I love it here.”

She considers it a strength to have teammates from different nations, states and ethnicities and appreciates the diverse thinking they bring to the table and the openness they have for debating and brainstorming.

Kim also values the tremendous flexibility that Kimberly-Clark offers which helps her set her own schedule and workplace and makes it easier to fulfill her roles outside work as a wife and mother of three young children.

“Kimberly-Clark prioritizes putting high-quality products out the door for consumers,” she observes. “The company cares about what consumers need and develop products to best serve those needs. Additionally, they care about employees and demonstrate that care.”

Kim is inspired by Kimberly-Clark’s pledge to cut its water usage, forest impact and carbon emissions in half by 2030 and calls it a great example of the company’s commitment to its purpose of creating Better Care for a Better World.

“The sustainability commitments show action, not just words,” Kim says. “Better Care for a Better World reminds me that the products I support, the decisions that I make and the actions I take affect millions of people every day, including my family, friends and colleagues. This inspires me to do the right thing and to make all my actions ladder up to producing a product that is compliant and that I can be proud to say I support.”

Are you someone who’s interested in joining our Kimberly-Clark team? Then here’s what Kim advises: “Accept and seek challenging opportunities, even if they make you uncomfortable. They will make you grow.”