For Haley F., working at Kimberly-Clark is all about collaboration and cooperation.

A machine operator at the Cold Spring Facility in Neenah, Wis., Haley says she keeps learning more about the equipment so she can pass it along to new hires. She wants to everyone to work safely and efficiently.

My team supports each other by answering one another’s questions, jumping to other positions on the machine to help out and working with each other’s strengths and weaknesses,” Haley points out.

“By sharing the same values and teamwork, we are able to run the machine with high efficiency and hit records. It makes for a really smooth shift — and a quality product for the consumer.”

Friendly and personable, Haley finds it rewarding to collaborate with colleagues to come up with new ways to improve efficiency. 

"We are always trying to make as many good products as possible for the consumer,” she says.

She likes that she has the authority to turn on a dime.

“I experience freedom and flexibility in my role by being able to troubleshoot different issues with the machine and adjust settings or stop the machine to ensure it continues to run well,” Haley explains.

Another positive for Haley is Kimberly-Clark’s commitment to cutting its environmental impact in half by 2030 — a big, important goal.

“We can continue to provide life-changing products to consumers while benefiting the earth and our own communities,” she says. “One of the ways I live this daily is by ensuring that all disposable materials are placed in the proper recycling receptacles. I want to do my part.”