Kari B. held management positions at three different Fortune 500 companies over 14 years before she joined Kimberly-Clark in 2022, and she feels she’s finally found her corporate home.

“I vowed to make a move to a company that better aligned with my values and one in which I could hopefully settle in for the long haul, and here I am,” Kari says. “I want to make a big impact inside and outside of Kimberly-Clark.”

The vivacious executive is a customer development director in our new Chicago Commercial Center and an expert in sales and account management.

Kari meshes so well with Kimberly-Clark’s warm, ambitious culture that colleagues frequently tell her it seems like she’s been here longer than she actually has.

It’s a point of pride for her, and she credits it to the company’s values and caring culture.

“There are plenty of people to learn from, and because we are a people-first culture, they are more than willing to spend time and invest in you,” she says.

Kari pays it forward by applying her strong leadership skills to developing the individuals on her team and being attentive to their account, a national drugstore chain.

“I strongly believe that if I put our Ways of Working - Growing Our People to the top of my list as a leader, then that provides a foundation for them to flourish, which in turn develops our business,” she says.

Her staff is tuned into the chain and its consumers as well as the competition, she notes. They’re not shy about asking related Kimberly-Clark teams to provide what they need to excel.

“This type of collaboration and healthy friction often results in new products, different promotional tactics and campaigns and so much more,” Kari says.

Kari is a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion who was honored twice by her previous employer for her contributions.

She sees Kimberly-Clark “doing its best” to provide an inclusive environment. The fact that her boss kicks off every meeting with a team member sharing something about inclusion — a story or a tip — is an example of the company’s proactive approach.

“Kimberly-Clark cares about all people, so I feel confident that we will continue to progress in this space,” Kari says.

She plans to do her part to improve the organization for employees, customers and consumers by becoming active in Kimberly-Clark’s employee resource groups (ERGs), such as the African Ancestry Employee Network and the Women’s Inclusion Network, as well as the Chicago community.

Kimberly-Clark’s purpose of Better Care for a Better World resonates with her, partly because it’s reminiscent of a favorite Maya Angelou quotation she lives by: “Do your best until you know better. And when you know better, do better.”

“To me, Better Care for a Better World means staying curious and open to new and better ways, always searching for a better way to do something and then executing it,” Kari says. “It also means holding ourselves accountable to the consumers and employees of Kimberly-Clark to lead with care always and in all ways.”