Nicole Wu, the Vice President of Kimberly-Clark Professional - Asia Pacific, shares her experience working with Kimberly-Clark as a female leader from the Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) community, a member of the Employee Resource Group (ERG) Asian Professionals for Excellence (APEX) and being a change agent in ensuring a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace. 
Can you share a bit about your background living as a member of the AANHPI community in America?

I am Chinese and started my career in China. Several years ago, I moved to the U.S. to work at the Global Strategy Office in the Kimberly-Clark Roswell campus where I got the chance to join APEX. That was an amazing experience for me! This community offered great opportunities to inspire AANHPI employees to realize their career aspirations, build connections and advocate equality in workplace; I truly enjoyed the forums they created for Kimberly-Clark employees, including mentorship programs, lunch fairs, panel discussions and many more. 
Later, I relocated to Asia, and although I cannot join live events anymore, I still connect with the AANHPI community and do my best to join their virtual events and programs. 
I am committed to creating a diversified team with different cultures, backgrounds, experiences, and age.  I have been very intentional in bringing in team members from diverse backgrounds and experiences.
How was your experience stepping into the corporate world, especially as an Asian?
Over the last two decades, I worked in several multi-national companies, and I experienced very different company cultures and leadership behaviors on Inclusion, Equity & Diversity (IE&D). I also witnessed the magical power a diversified organization has, and how this impacts business results. One of the key reasons why I joined Kimberly-Clark is because it truly embraces IE&D and provides fair opportunities to everyone. Kimberly-Clark creates an environment and culture that enables me to deliver my best. I deeply appreciate it and I feel grateful and highly motivated by this. In return, I am a big advocate of IE&D culture for the company and our community.
What was the most valuable advice you received that inspired you to be the leader you are today?
Treat people in the way you want to be treated, and don’t settle, speak up! 
When you stepped into your first leadership role, were there any unexpected challenges?
Yes, I have faced unfair treatment as a female leader of color. Sometimes, the supervisors of my prior companies didn’t hide their bias. At first, I was quite upset, then my positive mindset helped me. I told myself, being different doesn’t make you any less valuable. Being truthful to yourself and to others will let you shine bright. Ultimately, I demonstrated my value to that organization, and my contribution was highly appreciated, but it wasn’t an easy journey.
What are the ways in which Kimberly-Clark is helping to remove bias or stereotypes that impact AANHPI employees?
Kimberly-Clark has always been supportive of diversity. One of my best memories is when I was privileged to host an internal IE&D event together with Mike Hsu, our CEO. That was an honor, and I am grateful to Mike for leading that and thus breaking the anti-Asian stereotype with his own example. 
How can Kimberly-Clark employees as an individual support IE&D as part of the Kimberly-Clark culture?
Stay true to yourselves and your origin and heritage. We are strong in our diversity and our differences make us more powerful. 
Like Nicole, Kimberly-Clark encourages all its employees to be their authentic self and fosters a culture where employees celebrate their differences!