Malgorzata C. 
Administrative Services Team Leader

From customer to employee, Malgorzata, has a new perspective about what Kimberly-Clark means for her and her family. 

What attracts you to Kimberly-Clark?
Kimberly-Clark is a very well-known company in the personal care industry, and thisis something I am proud of. As a mum, I used to buy Huggies all the time, without ever imagining I would one day be working at the organisation behind the brand! Kimberly-Clark’s unique culture is also really attractive and something that I have not seen in any of the other companies I had previously worked with. The people are professional, caring, respectful of work-life balance, and knowing that so many people work here all their lives is very inspiring.

What do you love most about your team? 
Their proactiveness and reliability. We excel at working to deadlines with great results. We always have each other’s back, too. I love our weekly morning catch-ups over a cup of coffee. I have the pleasure of working with leaders across a number of departments and I always admire their professionalism and positive mindset.

What has it been like to work remotely as a team during the pandemic?
Not everyone can work well in a remote environment, but my team has continued to be as productive as we have always been, largely due to the enhanced communication channels our company provides through Microsoft Teams and Skype. Just as importantly, we are still able to have some fun, despite not seeing each other in person. I would say we are closer communicators now than we used to be and this is an advantage. 

During your time at Kimberly-Clark, how would you describe the culture?
I would describe Kimberly-Clark Kraków’s culture as collaborative, successful, diverse and family friendly. Kimberly-Clark offers flexibility, understanding and takes work-life balance seriously. As a working mother of two it is something that I really value. 

What would you say to someone thinking about joining Kimberly-Clark Kraków?
No matter at what level you are, as a Kimberly-Clark employee you will always feel valued in all aspects of professional and personal life, and you will definitely enjoy the ride!