Ozlem S. says Kimberly-Clark changed her life.

“It’s been a unique experience and a great transformation for me,” she says. “I have been quite lucky working with very supportive team members, colleagues, peers, and leaders in Kimberly-Clark. I learned a lot from each and every one of them, especially working outside my comfort zone in different manufacturing facilities and cultures.”

Ozlem is the Quality Assurance Manager for Manufacturing and Distribution in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) — a big job that spans multiple nations.

“The MEA cluster is one of the most diverse regions considering the geographical location, number of nationalities, languages, cultures, consumer and [business] customer expectations and different local regulations,” she notes. “Our main responsibility is to meet consumer/customer expectations and provide clean, compliant product on time.”

The mechanical engineer recognizes that Kimberly-Clark supports the development of female employees in every area and role and offers women similar job opportunities as men.

“Kimberly-Clark’s values have assisted my success,” Ozlem says.

She started as a Quality Assurance Engineer in Istanbul in 2009 and was promoted to Quality Assurance Leader. In 2014, she seized the opportunity to serve as Quality Assurance Manager at the Epping Manufacturing Facility in Cape Town, South Africa. Four years later, she and her family relocated to Isa Town, Bahrain, where she leads Quality Assurance for a wide multinational region.

Ozlem appreciates the company’s culture of camaraderie.

“In Kimberly-Clark, I do feel, see, and observe that women colleagues are supportive and encouraging of each other and recognize each other’s successes on different platforms,” Ozlem points out. “I strongly encourage women to work in Kimberly-Clark as its values, behaviors, and cultures create this caring and safe work environment for everyone.”

The company’s mission to “lead the world in the essentials for a better life” also resonates with her.

“Caring for people with our innovative products, touching their lives, and making their lives better keep me engaged and motivated,” she says. “Our social impact is one of the best ways to show our caring value. One recent example is the Nigerian team donating Kotex pads to support school girls to continue their education and other activities during their periods, as nothing should become a barrier to girls’ and women's progress.”


Ozlem mindfully keeps her motivation high in challenging circumstances and is unafraid to ask for advice or support. She’s proud that she’s kept her team engaged while adapting to and working virtually.

Ozlem, who likes to draw and paint with her two children, has been learning to play the piano through virtual lessons. She credits early morning walking and cycling as activities that recharge her batteries and help fuel her achievements.

“Kimberly-Clark’s values have also assisted my success,” she says. “We care for our teams and our consumers, innovate smart ways of working, and are accountable to deliver the business needs.”