Kimberly-Clark North America won a 2020 Global Candidate Experience Award from Talent Board based on surveys of thousands of job applicants.

The nonprofit selected winners by analyzing several metrics, including candidates’ overall experiences, whether they would be willing to reapply to the organization and whether they would refer other job seekers to it.

We’re thrilled that job applicants rated their Kimberly-Clark experiences highly, but we’re not done. In fact, we are continually improving our recruitment processes. In response to feedback from job searchers, we’re:

Bringing more content to our website to help you understand what inclusion and diversity means to us here at Kimberly-Clark.

Advancing our search functionality to make it easier for you to find our jobs

Sharing more employee stories from around the world so you can hear firsthand what it’s like to work here – both the good and the real challenges we face every day

Conducting interviews via video conference for your health and safety, which is also accelerating the hiring process

Improving scheduling capabilities to make it easier for you to get interviews scheduled. 

Kimberly-Clark’s vision is all about making lives better, and that goes for job applicants, too.