RayJay G., better known as RJ, charms everyone around him with his quick wit and fun personality.

One thing is true - he’s super serious about his career, having risen from entry-level operator to process technician in less than three years. RJ also completed an Associate's Degree in electrical engineering at the same time. Whew.

He’s grateful for the team atmosphere and support of his team.   

“Kimberly-Clark’s friendly management and engineering staff helped me accomplish my goals through our ways of working, offering a lot of moral support, one-on-one training and work and study flexibility to finish my degree,” he affirms.

RJ, who aims to be an electrical engineer at Kimberly-Clark, says the company has supported him in multiple ways.

“I am from Jamaica, and Kimberly-Clark paid for my degree in electrical engineering,” he points out. “I experience care from people who check up on me just to see how I’m doing in and out of work. And, people have used their break times to help me complete school assignments.”

RJ’s achievements aren’t surprising, considering he constantly works at “being awesome at my job” while also taking time to train operators he sees struggling.

“I am trying to show people that the sky is the limit if you work hard,” RJ says. “I started from the very bottom and worked my way up. I became a process technician in less than three years, a task that never seemed possible to most people.”

This go-getter has advice for anyone interested in working at Kimberly-Clark: “Show initiative, work hard, don’t be afraid to ask for help, be punctual, accept positive feedback and be able to adapt to different situations.”

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