When you work for Kimberly-Clark, you can make a difference by taking advantage of a paid day of service each year.

Sonia S., for instance, was able to devote two months last spring to working full time for the Italian Red Cross on the front lines of communities suffering from the raging, deadly COVID-19 pandemic in Northern Italy.

“I’m grateful that I could be there for those who needed support,” Sonia says. “I’ll never forget the elderly people who just wanted a hand to hold so they wouldn’t be alone.”

Sonia, an operator at the Kimberly-Clark manufacturing facility in Romagnano in Northern Italy, was already a regular volunteer for the Red Cross. She had dreamt of becoming a doctor or nurse but wasn’t able to afford a university education, so she found a way to help others through the Red Cross.

As the pandemic worsened in Northern Italy, Sonia saw the community’s urgent need, and her leaders at Kimberly-Clark fully supported her request to take time off to help.

An employee’s volunteer work is increased when Kimberly-Clark donates money to the nonprofits that staffers serve.

“Being a volunteer in several fields, I have now been able to appreciate what Kimberly-Clark is doing for the environment, health, and people,” Sonia reflects. “To me, volunteer work is a breath of fresh air, and stealing a smile or a handshake is the most beautiful thing in the world.”

Improving life around the globe is central to Kimberly-Clark’s mission. One of our key goals is to advance the wellbeing of 1 billion underserved people worldwide by 2030.

In addition, Kimberly-Clark has long encouraged all of its 40,000 global employees to think about how the company and they as individuals can serve their communities.

To strengthen volunteerism, Kimberly-Clark provides a paid day each year for staffers to perform volunteer work for the charity of their choice.

It’s part of the Kimberly-Clark mission to make life better not only through essential products and but also as a good corporate citizen.