Scott S. is having a bigger impact at Saint Francis Health System in Tulsa, Okla., with the help of Kimberly-Clark.

Snider began volunteering at the Children’s Hospital at Saint Francis nine years ago after doctors there performed life-saving emergency surgery on his daughter, who had swallowed a penny.

“My community and local hospital were there for our family and were able to get her back to where she’s a happy, healthy, normal kid,” says Scott, who works at Kimberly-Clark’s mill in suburban Jenks, Okla..

He wanted to give back. Since then, Scott has worked closely with the children’s hospital to fundraise, and he also dons costumes to entertain the young patients.

Kimberly-Clark increases the impact of all employees’ volunteerism by donating money to the organizations that they assist. The company also has a matching program for monetary gifts.

These are just some of the programs that are helping us reach our goal of assisting 1 billion disadvantaged people by 2030.

“Every morning, I get to wake up and spend another day with my daughter, and now I have a unique opportunity to help save someone else’s life,” says Scott.

With Kimberly-Clark’s volunteering and donation matching programs, he predicts, “A billion people isn’t that big a number to reach.”
Kimberly-Clark has long encouraged all of its 40,000 global employees to think about how the company and they as individuals can serve their communities.

To strengthen volunteerism, we provide a paid day every year for staffers to perform volunteer work for the charity of their choice.

It’s all part of our mission to make life better all around the world not only through our essential products and but also as a good corporate citizen.