It’s been a little over a year since Alison Lewis joined Kimberly-Clark as Chief Growth Officer, and she’s thrilled to be here.

“I’m a born and bred CPG [consumer packaged goods] junkie,” says Alison.

After all, she started her career at Kraft Foods and then held executive spots at Coca-Cola Company and Johnson & Johnson.

Why Kimberly-Clark? Our big goals and dedicated employees inspired her to join the company — along with the lure of a fresh challenge.

“We have very mission-based employees who are very passionate about the differences they are making for human beings,” she says. “If you line that up with what Mike Hsu, our CEO, is looking to build and his ambition to become a  top-tier company in growth and capability, that’s a very powerful combination. It made me excited to join Kimberly-Clark.”

The 51-year-old has long believed, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” At Kimberly-Clark, she sees opportunity for personal as well as corporate growth.

She feels that her goal — and that of any employee — is to make the business a little stronger and better than it was before.

“I love seeing people reach new heights,” Alison says. “It’s fantastic to see a team takes on a new challenge that they may be unsure of and they knock it out of the park. They build new confidence in themselves. They build a new muscle and really make a difference for the business.”

No wonder she describes herself as 1) authentic — what you see is what you get, 2) passionate about everything she does and 3) a huge believer in the power of teamwork to achieve greatness.