Interview Tips

Taking charge of your future career starts with getting to know us during your interview. This is a great time to make sure we are a good fit for YOU.

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Whether you’ve already received an invitation for an interview or you’re proactively preparing for the interview process, we’re here to help you be at your best. Below are a few tips from our Kimberly-Clark recruiters to ensure you get the most from your interview experience.

Interview Tips


Budhiram K.

"Be prepared with examples of your work."


Kayla M.

"Think of the interview as a conversation! The experience will feel more natural this way."


Marcella M.

"Bring your energy and positivity from the first phone call."


Megan H.

"Ask questions! We want to make sure the role is what YOU want."


It Starts with YOU and the first interview. Write the biggest story for yourself, right from the beginning of your career at Kimberly-Clark.

Remember, we're all human – bring your authentic self from your first interaction with our team. We’re looking forward to meeting you!