Interviewing can feel stressful and being prepared can help you manage stress and improve your ability to be successful. Our recruiters compiled this list to cover all the basics you need to know to make sure Kimberly-Clark is the right fit for you and how to make a powerful first impression.


1. You’re interviewing us, as much as we’re interviewing you! Take a look at our digital resume by visiting our website, social pages (FacebookInstagramLinkedIn, TikTok) and our efforts.


2. Re-read the job description for the position you’re interviewing for prior to the interview. Come prepared to relate your previous experience with the qualifications for the position.


3. Take another look at your resume and update it. Your digital resume counts too – If you’re active on social, be sure to have your LinkedIn and social profiles updated.


4. Prepare questions for the recruiter and hiring manager that can help you decide if the position and our company is right fit for you!


5. Test out technology ahead of time. If it’s a phone interview or video interview, test it out prior to your interview time to make sure everything is working. Make sure you have great audio and are in a well-lit area for video calls.


6. Dress for the role. Even when you’re calling in to an interview from home, your dress is important to get you feeling your best. Get ready for the day as if the interview was in-person in one of our offices. 


7. You’re making an impression during every interview with our teamMost of our positions start out with a phone interview with a recruiter, bring your energy from the first phone call.


8. Come prepared with your area of improvement. The ability to show your weakness, shows the way you also understand yourself. It’s an opportunity to analyze yourself and be able to work on it. We want to meet the authentic you – this is included!


9. Be prepared to give detailed answersdon't be too general. Communication is key. Have you heard of the STAR Method? A structured response to questions that keeps the recruiter or hiring managers attention. Give your answers to interview questions by focusing on the situation, the task, your action, and what the result was. 


10. Give yourself some time and space before your interview. Find a nice quiet place for phone or video interviews. 


11. At Kimberly-Clark, we are creating Better Care for a Better WorldPrior to your interview, think about what drives and motivations you to perform


12. Rememberwe're all human – bring your authentic self from your first interaction with our team. We’re looking forward to meeting you!