Bernadeta S.B. joined Kimberly-Clark in August 2021 and feels her biggest accomplishment has been building a sense of belonging with her team and between different functions across the department.  


Being a graduate in English, she decided to move abroad to improve her language skills and gain professional and personal experiences. She relocated to Ireland, where she worked as a customer service agent in an e-commerce company. Interestingly, she experienced a customer-centric culture with a dynamic pace that made her network with multi-cultural and talented individuals. 


However, she soon realized that a leadership role was her true calling. So, she returned to Poland and continued working in managerial roles for customer service and compliance functions in other companies before finding her role at Kimberly-Clark. 


Currently, Bernadeta works in the European Customer Service & Order Management team. “I am grateful to my team for trusting me and giving me the opportunity to lead them through times like the pandemic and several transformations and changes,” she mentions. 


Bernadeta credits Kimberly-Clark's value of having a Play to Win mindset for helping her prepare, focus and manage teams, and for delivering results and strengthening the team’s engagement. 


She loves collaborating with teammates of different cultures and regions and aims to become more open-minded through training and cross departmental projects and initiatives in future. 


Bernadeta places a high value on serving others through her role as a leader and feels  her personal values and the company’s purpose are in alignment. She says that Kimberly-Clark's sustainability ambitions for 2030 are a testimony of the company’s purpose of creating Better Care for a Better World and she wishes to live those values to keep pushing the world to be a better and safer place.  


She further quotes Simon Sinek- “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”- to encourage employees to identify and embrace Kimberly-Clark's purpose that would motivate them to come to work every day and deliver to the best of our abilities. 


To anyone who is willing to join Kimberly-Clark, Bernadeta advises- “take pride in your work and treat others how you would want to be treated”.