Letícia’s journey to success at Kimberly-Clark is nothing short of inspiring. Starting as an intern in the trade categories area in 2020, Letícia quickly proved herself as an asset to the team. After only 1 year and 4 months of making an impact as an intern, she was hired in the Marketing area where she currently works as a Marketing Analyst. 


As a Marketing Analyst, Letícia faces many challenges, but one of the main ones is project management. She works with teams from different areas and takes on a leadership role with the responsibility of maintaining clear and effective communication, solving problems, mapping opportunities, and delivering on time to guarantee the delivery of the final product. This provides her with many learning opportunities and helps her to broaden her knowledge and strategic skills about the business. 


But Letícia doesn't just work hard, she also lives out Kimberly-Clark's purpose "Better Care for a Better World" every day through her actions and personal values. She always looks for ways to contribute to the growth of brands in line with the needs of consumers, so that this generates better care through Kimberly-Clark's products. She seeks to build this through teamwork and always respecting ethical policies and practices to achieve goals. 


During her time here, she states, “I had the opportunity to work in different categories and with different multidisciplinary teams that helped me to broaden my knowledge and strategic skills about the business.” She expresses how this has helped her broaden her knowledge and strategic skills about the business.   


One of her first experiences was the launch of her first innovation project as a junior analyst, where she had the opportunity to lead a cross-functional team in all the monitoring and activities needed to implement the project. This added a lot to her experience, as it helped her to develop leadership skills, problem-solving, teamwork, and she was also able to put into practice the values of Move Fast and Focus on the Consumer. 


In the future, Letícia wants to continue developing her career within Marketing to continue contributing to Kimberly-Clark's growth. She says, “I have currently had countless opportunities for growth, such as leading complex and important projects for the category, participating in strategic plans with a major contribution to the company's growth.”


If her friends and family were thinking of working at Kimberly-Clark, Letícia would say that she works for a company that values not only professional growth but also the well-being of all its employees. She states, “here, I have the opportunity to learn, grow, and collaborate with talented people every day.”  

Letícia's inspiring journey to success is a testament to the company's commitment to its employees and their growth. Join Letícia and our team in providing Better Care for a Better World.