Sunitha  D.S. is the Director of Regulatory Affairs in Asia Pacific at Kimberly-Clark, having started her tenure just two months ago. With 31 years of experience in the industry, Sunitha has worked in various roles, including regulatory in Malaysia, manufacturing, quality, and government affairs. 

Sunitha and her team focus on driving innovation, growth, and market leadership by understanding consumer needs and providing the right solutions to enable innovation launches to market. But Sunitha's vision doesn't stop there. She believes that investing in future generations is essential for long-term success. That's why she's passionate about Kimberly-Clark's Sustainability Ambitions for 2030. By prioritizing sustainability, Sunitha and her team are not only driving innovation and growth, but also paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Sunitha credits the company's values for her success. She believes they have helped her achieve her goals and make a positive impact in her role. Freedom and flexibility empowers her to make great decisions for her projects and to manage her team, unleashing her full potential and driving real results. 

Sunitha embodies Kimberly-Clark's ways of working in her day-to-day activities.  As a regulatory professional, she understands the importance of understanding business plans and innovations to provide consumers with the right solutions quickly. This approach allows her team to grow and contribute to the company's success.  As she says, “the success gives the team motivation to further grow and enjoy the contribution”. 

Sunitha also experiences care at Kimberly-Clark, she says, “the ability to work in a hybrid manner, the Flex Fridays and Kimberly-Clark’s commitment on physical as well as mental well-being”.  She believes the company offers an environment that values their people and promotes collaboration. 

"Embrace the values and definitely along the way you will find friendships," advises Sunitha to those considering a career at Kimberly-Clark. At Kimberly-Clark, it's not just about the job - it's about being part of a community that shares a strong set of values and a commitment to making a difference. By embracing these values, you'll not only be making a positive impact on the company, but you'll also be building meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime.