Bryson D. shares his thoughts with us on finding purpose at work. 
Being an Army veteran of almost 15 years, I’ve lived the Army values of Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal Courage for the majority of my adult life. These ethos from the Army seamlessly merge with Kimberly-Clark's Values and Ways of Working.  
For example, I am loyal to, and have the utmost respect for my team, co-workers and the new associates that walk through our doors, because “I Care.” In my role, it is my duty to “Grow Our People” and do what is right by them and have a bias for action. Whether it was on the battlefield or on the production floor, my integrity will always compel me to “Play to Win” and aim high during even the most menial task.  
Abiding by the seven Army values helped me progress rapidly as a soldier, but also as a member of the Kimberly-Clark Jenks, Oklahoma, U.S.A., team, playing a crucial role in my success here. 
Leveraging Military Experience 
My journey with Kimberly-Clark began in June 2018 when I joined as a Production Operator in the Premium Bath division. Over the years, I progressed through various roles, including Off-Line Printer Operator for a Facial Converting startup, Operations Specialist for Facial Converting, and Mill Training Coordinator for Training for Excellence (T4E). Today, I am thrilled to take on the position of T4E Leader for the Jenks facility. 
In my current role as a Mill Training Coordinator, I leverage my military training experience to connect with the lives of each of our operators - the frontline and life blood of our organization. Similar to military basic training, where soldiers find their purpose for serving, I make it a point to help new hires "find their why" during orientation. Understanding their purpose, whether it's their family, financial stability, or overall well-being, is crucial to their success both on and off the production floor. 
Focusing on their purpose will undoubtedly drive their performance to unknown heights. And when our purpose aligns, it's a win-win for everyone involved. 
Building a Caring Community 
What sets Kimberly-Clark apart is the sense of belonging you have through the community you build and support you receive. Within my team, we genuinely care about each other's well-being, noticing when someone is having a rough day and providing support as needed. We share the workload, seek advice from one another, and celebrate special occasions together. Inside and outside the mill, we are truly a family. 
But it's not just my team that embodies this caring culture. Kimberly-Clark excels in fostering inclusion and diversity. Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) ensure that everyone has a "champion in the room". As a member of the veteran ERG, SALUTE, I've experienced instant camaraderie with fellow veterans in our mill. It's like being on active duty and having a group of close “battle buddies” who understand the unique challenges we face. It’s an invaluable benefit when you may be struggling with the remnants of combat-related stress or any other residual pressures from your time in service - it's an unbreakable bond. 
Advice for Success 
For those considering a career at Kimberly-Clark, my advice is to leverage your strengths and capabilities. Every piece of knowledge acquired on your life journey is valuable. Whether it's skills learned from past bosses, a can-do attitude instilled by your grandparents, or the discipline gained from military service, embrace and utilize them. Your past experiences shape the person you are today, and they can contribute to your success at Kimberly-Clark.