By fostering a workplace culture of inclusivity, understanding, and support, Kimberly-Clark allows employees like Brody C. to thrive and grow, contributing to our purpose of Better Care for a Better World. Brody, an Off-Line Unit (OLU) operator at Kimberly-Clark's Jenks, Oklahoma, USA, manufacturing site, is an openly trans employee and shares some insightful reflections about the importance of Trans Visibility Day.  

"While some people may view being trans as a new phenomenon, trans people have been around forever, but haven't always felt safe or comfortable living openly," Brody said. 
Brody expressed gratitude for his supportive family, colleagues, and other trans people who have paved the way for him to live openly and authentically. 

When Brody first joined Kimberly-Clark three years ago, despite his initial hesitation, he told his Human Resources partner that he wanted to live as an openly trans man. He was met with encouragement to be comfortable being himself.

"Everyone at Kimberly-Clark has been super supportive of everything I've needed," Brody said. "At Kimberly-Clark, employees' unique needs are prioritized and supported. Kimberly-Clark has fostered a safe environment, so I can grow into the person I'm meant to be at work and in life. People here truly care."

In addition to the caring company culture, Brody shared that the competitive pay and growth opportunities have contributed to feeling supported at Kimberly-Clark. 
"I love that I am constantly learning on the job. I've been able to develop my skills and knowledge. I'll never be done learning," Brody said.


To advance inclusion and diversity in the workplace, continuous learning is essential. Brody emphasized the importance of education, understanding, and advocacy as a way to support trans colleagues.

"I think it’s important to learn about the trans community. Ask what people's pronouns are, never assume," Brody encourages. "Be an upstander - speak out against negative behaviors and disrespect towards trans employees."

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