In 2011, Jason C. joined Kimberly-Clark Malaysia to set up and lead the Global Business Services (GBS) center for the Asia Pacific region. Over the passing years, he has had the privilege of leading transformation programs, taking on development assignments, and evolving across various parts of GBS. Today, Jason is Senior Director and responsible for leading the GBS Global Delivery Network. 

One of Jason´s biggest accomplishments has been setting up successful GBS Operations Centers in multiple regions. “Kimberly-Clark´s values empower me to be accountable for my decisions and results, encourages me to have a bias towards action and to do what is right. This is a powerful combination of factors that help me get the right thing done the right way – and builds trusting relationships with the colleagues I partner with to deliver business outcomes.” Jason describes.  

In his role, Jason is empowered to explore innovative ways to drive improvement and better experiences across the services that GBS provides. It also allows him to reach out to any part of Kimberly-Clark and to colleagues across the globe to learn from them and to brainstorm creative solutions to the dynamic challenges he and his teammates face.  
Jason believes in the importance of establishing challenging goals and tracks progress closely. With that in place, each day is an opportunity to propel progress toward team goals and make the right decisions for consumers, customers, and partners.  

“I have been focused on creating value for Kimberly-Clark by leveraging the Global Business Services operating model and the talent we have in GBS. Whether it is leading operations or transformation programs, every decision, action, or engagement is channeled towards identifying and acting on opportunities for creating value or growth in line with Kimberly-Clark´s values."
“Kimberly-Clark empowers our people to take charge of their own growth and development while providing strong learning and developmental frameworks, tools, and support. There is also significant on-the-job learning that is very valuable and opportunities to take on new developmental roles either cross-functionally or cross-geographically too,” as Jason describes. Also, he was able to experience short-term internal gigs (assignments) to complement his experience and expand his networks within Kimberly-Clark.  

Finally, we asked Jason what advice he would give to others looking to work at Kimberly-Clark “I would share 3 points: Gain clarity on how your role adds value to K-C and how you can drive or influence that value. Reach out to connect and network with stakeholders in Kimberly-Clark and keep expanding that network over time. Be agile and resilient in dealing with the dynamic nature of the business we are in.”