Meet Aderlandi B.S., a Materials Analyst at Kimberly-Clark. She started her career in 2014 as a Materials Assistant 1 and has since developed into the positions of Materials Assistant 2 and Materials Assistant 3. In 2021, she took part in the Career Development Plan and took up the position of Junior Analyst.  
Aderlandi's day-to-day work involves delivering goals while seeking continuous improvement. As a woman with a disability, she initially had doubts about her own possibilities for growth, “With the company, I learned more about the subject and began to empower myself, while the company also empowered me. Today, we are even better prepared to offer a work environment that adapts to each person's reality.” says Aderlandi. 

At Kimberly-Clark, Aderlandi lives out the company's purpose of Better Care for a Better World by practicing feedback with her team, supporting them in their development, and seeking to deliver the best for their area and facility  

Every step forward in her career at Kimberly-Clark has brought Aderlandi challenges, and the greatest experience she has gained is one of resilience. Even in the face of difficulties and pressure, she believes that it is possible to overcome obstacles and move on to new challenges.  
Looking to the future, Aderlandi plans to continue developing in her current position and move up the career ladder at Kimberly-Clark.  
While talking about encouraging her friend and family towards working at Kimberly-Clark, Aderlandi advises, "It's a company that offers you opportunities to grow, and here we are listened to and have a healthy working environment."  
At Kimberly-Clark, we are proud to have employees like Aderlandi who embody our values and work towards our purpose every day. Inclusion, Equity and Diversity are key to who we are, and we believe that by empowering our employees, we can create Better Care for a Better World, together.