Moms are important consumers for Kimberly-Clark and having moms at the table making decisions about the company is just as important. Chief Human Resources Officer Sandi Karrmann understands why they’re essential to our success.

“Moms bring unique and valuable perspective to our company,” she said. “Decisions we make every day directly and indirectly impact our consumers, customers and the communities in which we serve and live.”

This is personal to Sandi. Her decision to become a working mom years ago was a stressful one.

“I remember when I was pregnant with my first son. I was early in career, and I remember being scared to tell the SVP of Human Resources that I was having a child. I remember being nervous about it and being worried about how it would affect decisions about my career or my next job.  My fear was unfounded, but I know many women share the same fear as we try to balance our career and life goals.”

Sandi has worked in human resources most of her career in various industries including retail, healthcare, and restaurants. Coming to Kimberly-Clark in October 2020 was her opportunity to get back to consumer packaged goods.

Now, more companies like Kimberly-Clark are creating spaces for working moms to balance their family and career. As an example of this, Kimberly-Clark offers a flexible work policy, which empowers employees to fulfill their job responsibilities in a manner that works best for them. She expects leaders to facilitate an environment that allows moms to talk about their needs and encourages moms to speak up as well.

“Allowing flexibility is important, because everyone has a different lifestyle and balance means something different to each person. If employees are able to effectively achieve balance in their work and personal lives, they will then be able to bring the best of themselves to the workplace, which will enable our company to perform at the highest levels.”

The mom of three children, now in their 20s, admits there were challenges moving up the leadership ranks while having a family. But she’s proud of her decision.

“It wasn’t easy, but I want to encourage women that it can be done.”