Marina B. has a clear focus and commitment to inclusion and diversity. As the Central & Eastern Europe region’s Talent Management Manger and leader of the Diversity and Inclusion Project, she is proud to drive daily actions that drive inclusion.

From March 1 to May 13, the Central & Eastern Europe (CEE) region in Kimberly-Clark hosts an educational program for leaders - Activation Inclusion Lab, that focuses on educating our leaders around inclusion and diversity principals.

“The Inclusive Leadership Activation Lab, helps us think about what is important, what surrounds us every day, how to notice it and how to be open to diversity,” Marina says.

Activation Inclusion Lab has 4 modules, 8 groups, 32 sessions, 4 internal and 1 external facilitator, and invites and encourages all regional leaders to participate. 

"I’m very happy to work for a company where equality and acceptance play such a big role. Observing myself and others, I noticed that we used to think in a stereotypical and formulaic way. However, stereotypes don’t allow us to see the real picture of the world in all it’s diversity.”

She has discovered Kimberly-Clark embraces diversity from the inside out, “My personal belief is that improvements and changes should start with ourselves. And then everything around you will also change for the better. We are all very different, with different experiences, knowledge, appearance, cultural characteristics, preferences, and opinions. I believe that together we can make our company even more open and fair to all employees in all their diversity."